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Who am I?

It all began on a sunny April day 32 years ago when I first set foot on this planet in an picturesque Venetian countryside, in a endless and monotonous landscape.

When dealing with such vast and infinite spaces, the imagination has to do its hardest work to be able to create something interesting and stimulating to be able to explore


I quickly learned that imagination was the key to unlocking the beauty of the world around me.


Growing up in the gray but enchanting city of Turin, I discovered my passion for Art and at age of twelve Albrecht Durer became my reference, my spirit guide.


Surrounded by the lush greenery of a beautiful castle I started my studying in architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin.

Here, hide among projects, I truly found my calling, a deep passion for the digital media.


From there, my love for imagery became an obsession that drove me to constantly push the boundaries of what was possible, searching for the perfect composition and exploring the world of image and narration with a magnetic fascination.


For me, history, art, and image are more than just interests - they are my archetypal forces, my three great pillars that define my way of seeing and investigating the world rests. Like the eternal dance of the “Ouroboros”, these three elements chase each other and intertwine daily in my life, inspiring my choices, marking my paths, changing my perspective, and fueling my imagination.


Welcome to my imaginary world, where digital media, art, and history come together in a symphony of creativity and innovation. Let's explore the infinite possibilities together.


This is my story, and I invite you to join me on this journey.

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